X Specimen is the collaborative identity of two designers. Through a range of formats we are rephrasing the ways of discussing design and posthumanism with an aim of decolonising the discourse and reach a diverse audience outside the institutions of academia.

We approach posthumanism as the idea of moving the human out of the centre, in order to change the concept of the human as the superior species. It means that as humans, we need to start looking to other living- and non-living beings. As a collective name we can call them non-humans. The planets situation demands that the way we look at the world as ‘ours’ have to change. Other species living on this planet has purpose and needs that regulate the world in a greater ecosystem. By connecting, understanding and reimagine how life on earth could look like, may we perhaps come to a point where our lives as humans starts to co-exists in the world of many.

We work in the field close to and with or companion species learning by living alongside and exploring new ways of cooperating with other species, within our recent field study we are limiting the boundaries of the non-human to the physical world. The design methods we use in our research can appear un orthodox, we believe that only knowing the textual facts about an other species is not fully paying attention. We want to test the limits of getting to know the non-humans and use an open and inviting process to do so.



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