inbjudan till 1 maj

Wohoo! Äntligen kommer regnet!

Mossa och mycel lever loppan, men vi som inte tänkte på att det ibland regnar i Göteborg har inte anpassat festivalen till detta väder. Därför vill vi få om-bjuda er till ett nytt datum.

Vi kör istället på första maj i hopp om sol och ett trevligt märkande i Lilla Änggårdsbergen. Samma tid (14.00-17.00) och plats (Lilla Änggårdsbergen) gäller!

Vi ses på Märka!




Mossa, Mycel, xspecimen, Klara och Philippa




Wohoo! Here comes the awaited rain!

Moss and mycelium are enjoying it to the fullest, but silly us who didn´t consider the fact that it sometimes rains in Gothenburg. Unfortunately, we haven´t adapted the festival for that kind of weather and where hoping that we could re-invite you all.

Märka festival will take place the first of May instead, and fingers crossed it will be sunny!

Same time (14.00-17.00) and place (Lilla Änggårdsbergen).

See you at Märka!



Lots of love

Moss, Mycelium, xspecimen, Klara and Philippa


We are organizing a mini-festival together with moss and mycelium. They have been our companions for almost a year and we thought, why the heck not celebrate this wonderful relationship. Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 11.27.26Everyone is of course welcome to join us! The festival will take place on Wednesday the 1st of May and we will kick off at 14.00 and continue until 17.00, so stop by whenever you want. Set your GPS to Hejderidaregatan 3C and then you will see us. See you at MÄRKA





What dose MÄRKA mean? The translation to English is notice, but in Swedish it has other meanings as well, it can mean to leave a mark or to label something. For quite some time, the human species have left marks on earth without noticing. This mini-festival encourage to start noticing what we don’t see and what we think we already now. You are invited to try different methods to learn how to notice and get an understanding of how all life is connected.

The activities on the agenda is:

The microbe guestbook: a way to notice that we are not all human

Moss therapy: a way to reflect over the importance of moss and mycelium

Fungi memory: a way to notice what we can’t see

Tangle: a way to get entangled in the tangle

Taco-Friday: a way to subjectify food

The glossary: a way to dissect a word.

Please come join us at Lilla Ängårdsbergen!

Lots of love;

Klara, Philippa, Moss and Mycelium.



Find your way to the festival site from Hejderidaregatan 3C like this:


Listen to the intro podcast here:


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