A sad story for the human species?


Let me paint you a picture that we commonly see in dystopian movies, illustrations etc. of the end of the world. The Statue of Liberty is swallowed be the Atlantic sea. It´s a sad, sad day for mankind. A small boat is fighting for its survival on the uncontrolled dangerous sea, the statue of liberty is struggling to hold on to the torch. The symbol of freedom and hope for a better life buried by the powerful nature forces. This is how we usually illustrate the end of the world. Nature destroying the fragile human species. The ocean is the villain and the human is the victim.

Okay, it’s a bit sad, but we have done it to ourselves. The ocean have not encouraged us to throw 1.4 billion pounds of trash in the ocean every year1 and I would guess the forests would have loved to live its own life without us over exploiting it. How we portrait the end of life on this planet reflect on how we think of the present and how we tray to work towards a more sustainable future. We are excluding all other living organisms and neglect their agency. Just look at the huge amount of commercial dystopian movies. Lets take the movie The Day after tomorrow as an example. The hero Jack Hall, aheterosexual, white, misunderstood scientist trying to get to his son when the new ice age has started. He fights his way through the snowstorm to get to his beloved son. In these movies we cheer for the surviving man who just HAVE TO survive. We see pore Jack being hunted by angry wolves and yells hurray when one of the wolves fall down and dies in the ice crack.  The hierarchy of how we value life on earth becomes so clear, the humans above all. This mirrors how we are fighting the climate change. These movies and illustrations are made up futures, climate change is real. The classical poster of a cute polar bear whit the slogan You can help save the polar bear´s home just don’t do it for us. We feel sad for a moment and then we forget. It’s the frightening fact that the humans can get extinguish that gets us going. The solidarity for other species are just not there. I would just LOVE a sequel to The day after the day after tomorrow were our great hero Jack Hall gets to be a festive dinner for the wolves and they just don’t give a shit.

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