A workshop session hosted by X specimen on how to show attentivness to your inhabitants.

We invite you to a workshop session of three occasions whereas the last one is optional.

We will meet with an aim to collect bacteria from our bodies with a q-tip and smear them on an agar plate, which you will be able to bring back home and take care of for the duration of a week. We meet back again at the same place after a week, where we will meet and discuss our findings together. The third and last session will be optional, there will be a poster of your bacteria samples available for pick up on this date that you can keep as a reminder of the inhabitants living within.

Hope to see you and discuss the philosophical aspects of seeing your body as a space for microbial inhabitants.


Step 1.
Unpack your goodie bag.
Inside the cardbord box there ́s a plastic petridish equipped with an agar plate. Remove one of the tape pices on the side of the petridish holding it together, do not lift the lid yet. It will come in a later step.

Step 2.Take the q-tip and swipe it along the inside of either; mouth, nostril, ear or eye.
Hold the q-tip with one hand and gently remove the lid of the petridish. Smear your q-tip in a serpent motion across the agar plate. Close the lid and reattach the tape holding the lid and bottom together.

Step 3. Now put the petridish back in the cardboard box and fill in name date and area of collecting your bacteria on the top of the cardboardbox.
You have now clompleted the task of collecting your inhabitants and put them in an other inhabitat. Keep a close look on the developement of the bacteria and write about it in the attached note book.

Remember to keep the bacteria in a dark and warm place, inside the cardboardbox through out the week.

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