A workshop session hosted by X specimen on how to expand the notion of sustainability.


You are invited to a dinner party that will serve a menu that will encourage you to reflect on what it means to be sustainable. What is it that we want to sustain? Who do we want to sustain? What is the best way of getting there? Who is responsible for getting us there?

You will join the dinner together with the minimalist, the recycle activist, the gardener, the fast fashion consumer, the off grid farmer and the average sustainer. Together we will enjoy a menu that lifts of the topics of consumption, environment and what a dystopia really would look like.




Rice paper
Glass noodles
Vegetables: red cabbage, cucumber, carrot, and pickled onion Cool accessory

Our first course is built upon the concept of consumption.
You will be thrown into the feeling of the endless possibilities that you get walking through life from day to day. Different textures, functions and symbolism meet in this goodie bag of opportunities. We welcome you to a joyful experience where we consume and reflect through taste, tactility and packaging without consequences.
But how is our view on consumption, what does it really mean in the context of sustainability? Some say that consuming products entitles a responsibility, and without consumerism our society would fall apart.



Spinach, Oat milk and cream, Potatoes, Wheat flour,
Bread crumbs, Mushrooms, Rosemary, Seaweed,

Soy, Vegetable broth

We give you environment, it is here presented in a nature setting for you to navigate around find your relationship and perspective on how you relate to environment and sustainability.

We will start on the island to discuss life on earth to later move beneath the surface and discuss life in the sea.
There are steppingstones in-between where everything else might be discussed.

What do you do to sustain the environment? What are we trying to sustain and why?



White vegan chocolate Red chili
Candy cane regular Candy cane liquorish Sugar flour

The final course and how the world might end, in a dystopian stage for the human.
We have now reached a stage of where the human have sustained the life we ́ve grown accustomed to. The temperatures have become polarized and fluctuate between extreme heat and cold.

But this doesn ́t have to mean the end of the world.
The world might start anew, but perhaps without the human factor.

Isn’t that sweet?
We give you, a dystopian dessert where the ground have dried out and been disfigured by extreme climate. Our buildings have collapsed and the human has been forgotten. All traces left behind is waiting under a blanket of light snow.


2 thoughts on “A Sustainable dinner party

  1. Jätteintressant och spännande koncept! Väldigt snyggt att temat genomsyrade maten, menyn, samtalsämnen och detaljer på middagen. Borde finnas för allmänheten att prova så att tankar delas, inspireras och sprids!


  2. Thanks for the dinner! I think that the concept of having a discussion connected to the meal was brilliant and the execution couldn’t have been better.

    It’s really interesting to see not only the subjects themselves but also how as human beings we tend to lead the discussion to the areas where we feel more comfortable or where we have stronger opinions. I thought it was great to see how the subjects connected to the meal changed, evolved and ended up being connected to what we would have for the next course.

    I’m really lucky I was able to join and I hope you keep working on the concept and evolving it as much as the discussions evolved during the dinner! Thanks again 🙂


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