Method: Cosplay of non-human species 

What you ́ll need (general): A companion species that you want to get to know. Material to create costume to resemble your companion species.
Concept cosplay moss
 What  you ́ll need (moss cape) jute cloth, yarn in moss colour, knowledge about living grounds for moss. 
Time: 50 hrs 

Visit a site in a forest context and get in touch with moss by noticing their growing grown, their colour and texture, start tufting the yarn on top of the jute cloth to resemble the different mosses you encountered. While you are in the process of completing the cape, wear it and position yourself in urban and nature sites and try to get to know the world surrounding moss, it ́s agency and time aspect, think of yourself as
 a blanket covering other non-human species, rocks and plants.

Time: 3 hrs at a time 

This method is used as a way of getting in close contact with another species and to reflect on different time aspects, how we can get in contact with a being that has a completely different anatomical structure.

Who: Anyone who wants to get to know the life of a nonhuman being.

Where: In urban and rural contexts

When: Work with the cape as a meditative task reflecting on the complexities in nature. Act as moss whenever you feel like it.

What: A cape that is a process and a way to understand the moss life and relation to other species.

How: Tuft the yarn on the jute cloth, go outside and engage with a site dressed as moss.

Why: To get to know a non-human species that has a great meaning for the planets survival, think about how everything is connected, how everything has a meaning .To get attentive to other species sharing living area.


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