eyeball-tops-mediumattentiveness noun

UK /əˈtɛntɪvnəs/

mass noun

1.The action of paying close attention to something.

1.1.The action of assiduously attending to

the comfort or wishes of others; politeness or courtesy.


Attentiveness a word commonly used within discussions about posthumanism, but attentiveness regarding what? Perhaps being attentive to the world around us, to our insides, or to the mind of a cat. To evoke attentiveness sounds like something you do through meditation, see within yourself and open up to the world around you – that kind of thing.

But how do we really show attentiveness? Take a look back to when you were in high school, wearing tight tops and ill fitted pants, being in biology class dissecting frogs, looking at every part, all the way from the bumpy skin to the small soft organs in light pink. How much more attentive can you be, right?

Attentiveness in relation to the living world around us doesn’t have to be restricted to understanding the anatomy of a frog and it´s living habits. It could also be a way of paying attention to temporality, lifecycles needs and relations of a certain species, mineral or phenomenon. To put yourself in the position of something unknown, how do we change perspective when we get a notion of the life of others? To actively wonder and be curious about how to understand and position yourself in the role of others might be a way of getting there.

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