Featured by: Mufflon sheep, James Dean and the lovely nose of Owen Wilson.

The non-human, what is it? It´s something that is certainly not human, but what or who does this apply to? Are all humans entirely human even?

Post humanism is a way of looking beyond the human as the most “important” species on earth and be aware of how we are just a small group of species in comparison to all others. The non- human in this could be anything living; a seal, a virus, a plant. It could also be something that doesn´t have the living qualities per say but are connected to others and therefor has an important part in the ecosystem at large. A mineral, a stone a volcano, all of which non-human and so important for sustaining life on the planet.

Humans contain so many other life forms that are non-humans, just imagine the bacteria that are living on and inside of us, the good bacteria fighting the bad, a constant war taking place within us just moving through life. It makes it hard to grasp everything that is actually going on, the reproducing of bacteria the cells renewing the blood moving, everything happening while you sit in the couch watching series on Netflix. Your body is a planet made of non-humans living in symbiosis with you and with others in a shared space. Can you imagine all other life forms circulating around you this very instant? Pretty crazy, am I right?

And this is just a fraction of what the world involves.

Isn´t it time for us to start noticing?


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